Thanksgiving Challette Rolls (10)


Thanksgiving Challette Rolls (10)


Ten fluffy rolls to sop up your gravy and cranberry sauce. 

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Pre-order and pick up your ten baby challah rolls on Wednesday November 22nd:

  • Cafe Zoe, 1929 Menalto Avenue, Menlo Park,  9 am-2 pm (closing early that day)
  • BackYard Coffee, 645 Brewster Avenue, Redwood City, 9 am-6 pm
  • Zocalo Coffee, 655 Bancroft Ave, San Leandro, 9 am-3 pm (closing early that day)
  • La Noisette Bakery, 2701 Eighth Street, Suite 116, Berkeley, 8am-12mp
  • KitchenTown, 1007 Howard Avenue, San Mateo, 8 am-4 pm
  • Private Home in Mountain View, Address Available Upon Purchase, 2-5:30 pm